PT. Arinda Ananda Arsindo is a company formed in 2009 as a fuel oil (BBM) transporter to help and support business/industry partners in terms of fuel oil (BBM) distribution services.

About Us

Together Towards the Future

In 2020, PT. Arinda Ananda Arsindo with the trademark Nusantara Solar as a private company that has obtained a GENERAL COMMERCIAL LICENSE (INU) and a Fuel Oil (BBM) TRANSPORTATION LICENSE from BKPM/BPH Migas, seeks to develop business activities in the distribution of Fuel Oil (BBM) for the progress of the company and at the same time to meet the needs of Industrial Oil Fuel (BBM) in Indonesia.

East Java Branch Head

vision & mission

Through our Vision & Mission, we hope that all parties can know more about the existence of PT. Arinda Ananda Arsindo as a national company engaged in GENERAL Trading of Oil Fuel


  • Become a reliable, trustworthy and leading company for all business partners.
  • To become a leading provider of fuel oil (BBM) needs in Indonesia.
  • To become a leading provider of fuel oil (BBM) needs in Indonesia.


  • Providing world-class industrial fuel oil (BBM) for the needs of the Archipelago-Indonesia market
  • Assist and support business/industry partners in terms of distribution services for Industrial Fuel Oil (BBM) so as to maintain economic conditions to remain stable
  • Advance our expertise to cope with increasing customer demands.
  • Building partnerships with credible and reliable mining, industrial and regional companies.
  • Support government policies in programs to promote the use of domestic products
  • Provide support by distributing fuel oil (BBM) to areas that have not yet received distributors
  • Providing Professional Organizational Resources
Our Services

What Service We Offer

In 2021, we PT. AAA has expanded our business into the domestic mini gas station (mini gas station -general oil refueling station) market. To penetrate the domestic market, PT. AAA has entered into a partnership in the business of gas stations with the SPBNusantara/Bumdes trademark license by selling 3 fuel oil products with trademarks such as Nusantara Lite (Ron 90), Nusantara Max (Ron 92) and Nusantara Solar (B30).

Nusantara Lite

This fuel can be used for vehicles with an engine compression ratio of 9:1 to 10:1. The quality is quite good for daily use.

Nusantara Max

Octane 92 fuel, which is popularly known as Nusantara Max, has better quality than Octane 90 and makes engine combustion more complete.

Nusantara Solar

B30 is a government program that requires mixing 30% biodiesel with 70% diesel fuel oil, which produces biodiesel B30 product.